Controversy is one thing famed television host Chelsea Handler never fails to stir up. Now a household name Chelsea has quite a number of titles under her belt. Actress, comedian, author, producer and television host are just but a few.

Chelsea Lately, a late night comedic show on the E! Network, first aired in 2007 is what she is most popularly known for. This however, was not her first appearance on the E! Network, The Chelsea Handler Show which was the beginning of her hosting career, had a brief run of two seasons. Despite its failure the show coupled with her stand-up comedy tour and hosting the MTV Video Music Awards led to the immense success of Chelsea Lately.

The show birthed a spin off show After Lately which was a mockumentary of behind the scenes action of the show. Despite it being wildly successfully Chelsea Lately came to a conclusion in August 2014 after a little more than 1000 episodes. This did not mark the end of Handler’s television hosting career as she currently has a show in production which is to air on Netflix in 2016. She claims her new show is going to make a move to a more serious side than its predecessor.

During the run of Chelsea lately her writing career also blew up with the release of her best-seller “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” which made into a television show. A sitcom based on the book was made by NBC in which Chelsea played a role in, though it only aired for a single season. The book is only one of five New York Times best-sellers she has authored.

The blonde bombshell not only has an infectious funny bone but she has also featured on the maxim hot 100 list on two occasions. She ranked at 91ST and 87th in the year 2009 and 2010. She has also graced numerous magazine covers one of them being the coveted cover of Playboy magazine. She also graced the cover of shape showing off her insanely toned body.

A sex tape scandal did not faze the television host, explaining the tape was made as a joke 10 years prior and brushing off the leaked sex tape being offer for sale. Chelsea being one who does not shy away from controversial topics openly admitted to having had an abortion at 16, deeming it as the right decision for her at the time. Chelsea sparked yet another controversial debate in 2014 when she posted a picture of herself topless in the exact same setting as Russia’s president Putin. Instagram took it down on account of nudity, she reposted it on twitter and claimed it if they took it down it would be sexism since Putin’s was not taken down.

A major supporter of the LGBT community Handler has received an award for making efforts towards bettering the lives of the people in the community. Despite being the limelight little is known about the 40 year olds love life apart from her long running relationship with the former CEO of Comcast Entertainment which came to an end in 2010 and the alleged connection to rapper 50 cent.

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